Book Vs. Movie Comparison Questions
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Book vs. Movie Discussion Questions and Activity

A book versus movie comparison provides an excellent opportunity for students to think critically about specific details, make connections between written and visual mediums, and focus on the concept of visualization.  The questions listed below are designed to get students thinking about the similarities and differences between the information presented in the book versus the information presented in the movie. 

  1. Think about the setting in the book and the movie. Did the setting in the movie look like what you imagined? Click here to download a free visualization worksheet that can be used before students answer this question. 

  2. Were there any changes in the characters between the book and the movie? Did the characters look and act like you pictured? 

  3. What parts of the book did the movie leave out? Why do you think the moviemakers decided to leave out those parts?

  4. Did you notice anything in the movie that was not in the book? Why do you think the moviemakers decided on those additions? 

  5. Which did you like more, the book or the movie? Explain why.

After discussing each of the questions listed above, students will be prepared to write about the similarities and differences between the book and movie. The lesson explained below moves students through each step of the comparison process. Click here to download the NO PREP book vs. movie materials in printable and digital formats.

Inquiry Chart

An inquiry chart like the one shown below will help students organize and identify the characters, setting, plot, and theme presented in the book and the movie.

Graphic Organizer

A compare and contrast graphic organizer will give students a chance to record two similarities and two differences between the book and the movie. This step helps students organize their thoughts before they start writing.

Paragraph Outline

Guide students through the compare and contrast writing process using a fill-in-the blank paragraph template. This step can be modified as needed for differentiation.  


A clear paragraph grading rubric will ensure student understanding of the paragraph expectations and required criteria. 

Click the link below to download all the teaching materials shown above. The printable and digital lesson includes everything you need for a successful book vs. movie comparison!

Book vs. Movie Compare and Contrast Writing Activity 

“I really enjoyed using this resource with my class. It was easy for me to prepare and use. My students were engaged while working on it. Thank you!” -Lisa C.

Book Vs. Movie Questions
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