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5 Language Arts Activities for Thanksgiving

These five Thanksgiving lesson plan ideas for elementary and middle school students are a quick and easy way to add relevant language arts practice to your curriculum! The no-prep Thanksgiving activities include free printables, templates, worksheets, and more!

Edgar Allan Poe’s “Tell Tale Heart” Lesson Plan

This free Common Core aligned “Tell Tale Heart” lesson plan is perfect for your middle school English or Language Arts class. Students will gain a clear understanding of the short story and Edgar Allan Poe’s use of tone and mood.

12 Unique Must-Haves If You Teach Reading

These 12 unique resources and ideas are must-haves if you teach reading! All of the items support reading comprehension skills or a reading intervention program, making them perfect for small group, whole class, or one-on-one instruction.

20 Classroom Rewards Your Students Will Love

20 inexpensive classroom reward system ideas for upper-elementary and middle school students. These prize box ideas don't include candy or food, and they work well for positive reinforcement incentives.

The Gettysburg Address Summary Writing Lesson

A step-by-step lesson plan for teaching students to analyze, interpret, and summarize Lincoln's Gettysburg Address. This lesson blends ELA and history standards, making it a well-rounded supplement to your upper elementary or middle school Civil War curriculum.

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